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Feeling "without a place" is probably familiar to most of us. Questions like “where I would like to work?”, “WHO I want to be?” or “WHERE I would like to be?” are occupying our minds quite often.


It seems that nowadays we are forced to discover ourselves "here and now", we must work on “great achievements” or at least get a job with a nice title. This silent social pressure pushes us to grab any higher education studies only for the sake of getting a diploma. Unfortunately, young individuals are left with no time to decide carefully what kind of education they want to get. Rushing into the studies straight after school leaves so many students lost, confused and with constant thoughts of a “time wasting”.


What about those who keep on changing places, jobs, even countries only to discover who they really are and where they feel “at the right place”?

Perhaps we should congratulate these types of people for the effort and courage to constantly make such big changes in order to find inner peace.


However, no one cares about your journey. Our society only appreciates positions, titles and achievements. “Life vagabonds” are not taken seriously, even though such individuals are full of potential and talents.

Sadly, we’re giving up to stress and anxiety too easily and forgetting that we actually CAN TAKE OUR TIME to find out WHO we really are.


This project invites you to question yourself again if you feel “AT THE RIGHT PLACE”?

Are you doing your “dream job”? Does your occupation satisfy your needs?

Are you happy with your current situation? Do you think you fit those norms formed by society? ……..Do you want to?


Take your time to think about it and remember – this project aims to show you, that you are not alone.


Your Eligibility

Open to all artists worldwide. Original works in all media. All artworks including

alternative media, paintings, sculpture, prints, drawing, photographs, papier collé,

assemblage, installation, digital manipulation, ceramics, fiber, mixed media and all

other (video stills acceptable).



Please send your short cv (up to 150 words), statement and Jpegs of artworks (300 dpi preferred).

ONE  email  no larger than 10MB.

All information may be sent via email.

Send to  



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