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Anna Tea

ARTIST ARE ALIENS. At some point in our lives we all have experienced the feeling of not belonging, of not being accepted or simply confused. My newest project – Artists are Aliens – represents and emphasizes this particular emotional state many people, not only artists, go through. As growing up in small, undeveloped village and later on traveling and living in numerous countries to understand various cultures and different people, I have reached the conclusion that not always it is possible to truly become part of the environment, not always one is able to fully blend into one’s space and sometimes it is better to observe everything from one’s own world – silently, carefuly, patiently. Societies and cultures nowadays have merged yet they try to preserve some particular values they have and this this can be incredibly confusing thing to experience for young minds particularly as this is the time when one seeks to find him- or herself yet it can happen that the surrounding environment does not organically accept you, that they will make you know – you are not like us.

Anna Tea Alien 11.jpg
Anna Tea,artists are aliens, colour.jpg
Anna Tea, Artists Are Aliens, Color.jpg
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