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Juste Virkutyte 

 We all feel lonely sometimes; some of us more often, others less. Every time when we‘re being rejected, left alone, hurt… Sometimes we are alone indeed, but at times, the feeling of loneliness inundates even being surrounded by people, friends, family. Often we don’t even want to admit or see that, it seems like it’s better to forget about that as soon as possible. When we are misunderstood or rejected we start feeling as lonely clouds. The loneliness when a person that is close to us dies or leaves – is heartbreaking, unbearable and oppressive. Not for nothing there is a saying - you cannot escape from yourself. It doesn’t matter how hard we sometimes wish to isolate ourselves from our lives: incidents, feelings, experiences - we have to face them sooner or later. Anxiety, fear, sadness, loneliness – these are the parts of our lives as well. Those invisible feelings can chase us till the end of our lives, sometimes misleading and directing us where we wouldn’t go by ourselves.

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